Top Trailers to Haul the Toys

Hearland Torque Toy Hauler


Everybody love their toys and we are no exception. We’ve moved dirt bikes, atvs, race cars, 4 wheeling jeeps and on and on. You’ll definitely want to be comfortable on you trips so make sure your really take the time to research each toy hauler option. They are many so many that I don’t have the time to list and describe them all but this is at least a good place to start your search.

So in no particular order are some of the top toy hauling trailers.

  • Dutchman– They were mentioned in one of my previous posts and have a variety of options available to you. The Kodiak is the best toy hauler they offer, Razorback is the most lightweight, Rubicon is the best value and lastly is the Voltage is their top of the line offering.
  • Forest River– Again I have listed this in a previous post and they have so many models that I won’t describe them all but will only list them. Catalyst, Grey Wolf, XLR Hyperlight, Nitro, Sandstorm, Shockwave, Stealth, Vengeance, Vengeance Touring Edition, XLR Thunderbolt, Wolfpack, Wolf Pup, Work and Play. You’ve got to admit there are some pretty creative names here,
  • Keystone RV- ¬†They have eight models of toy hauling trailers called, Energy, Carbon, Cougar, Impact, Mountaineer, Outback, Fuzion and Raptor.
  • KZ-RV- Ok so they don’t have as many trailer lines but that doesn’t mean they aren’t awesome here are a few they do offer. Sportsmen Classic, Sportsmen sportster, Spree Excape, MXT, Inferno, Stoneridge Sportster.
  • Heartland- These guys are keeping it simple with three models. Cyclone, Road Warrior, Torque.
  • Jayco– ¬†These guys are on my top ten list of RV’s and offer three lines called. Octane ZX Superlight, Octane ZX, Seismic.
  • Gulf Stream– This is an iconic brand with a long history of quality. They offer these lines, Ice Haven, Track and Trail.
  • Livin Lite- Offering three lines called, Polaris, Quick Silver VRV, Axxess.

There you have it the top toy hauling trailer brands that I could find. It’s pretty much in line with most things these days. So many choices that it’s hard to make a decision, try not to waste to much time geeking out on research. Just get out there and ride!

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