Answers To Your RV Q’s


know I know you’re so interested in hearing about how we are going to manage a family of nine on a week long RV trip? We previously had a bunch of questions really just around how we were going to manage the logistics with a 14 month old daughter and well here is what we have all been waiting for…..

1. Where will Jane sleep? Will a pack’n play fit in the bedroom?

Pack n play is out and the kid tent is in. It’s this little pod style tent that is completely collapsable and travels nicely. Boom! Of coarse there is going to be a solution to this I’m mean there is so many baby and kids products available that why we even thought this would be a problem is beyond me.

2. Jane gets up at 6am sharp and is not quiet about it. She needs to be fed and changed and entertained. Will it be problematic for everyone to be up that early? She also goes to sleep at 7:30. Will it be a problem to keep the entire RV quiet from 7:30pm on?

Turns out my 5 and 7 year old nieces are up at the crack of dawn as well so no big deal there and they also go to bed around 8 so again… no problemo

3. Will Jane have a rear-facing car-seat that sits in the van? Just confirming.

Yes car seat is going to be set up in the van.

4. How long are the driving stretches? June can barely stay in her stroller these days for over 15-20 minutes… frequent stops ok?

Heck yeah frequent stops is OK…whats the rush we’ve got a home on wheels!

5. Is there laundry or somewhere to hand wash poopy stained clothing? She’s been known to have blow-outs.

Yes many of these RV parks that we will be staying at have washing facilities of some sort.

6. Can we ship diapers and wipes?

Yes thank you Amazon

7. Should we bring a tub to bathe her? Will it fit in the shower?

There is a small tub on this huge RV!

8. Can we bring a stroller most places we’re going? She needs to nap twice a day to prevent excessive crankiness.

Yes most places we will be going are stroller friendly

9. Do Sheryl and Don have an extra carrier we can use for hikes and stuff that is not stroller friendly?

Yes as a matter of fact they do
10. Are we going to eat out or cook most of the time? We’ll need to bring along food for her:
-breakfast: organic whole milk, oatmeal, berries/fruit f
-snack: cheerios, banana, veggie/fuits pouches, applesauce
-lunch/dinner: protein (cottage cheese, chicken, beef, pork, fish, beans) and veggie (zucchini, squash, sweet potato, peppers, broccoli, green beans, onions, avocado)
*She can generally eat what we eat, but we like to have other stuff for her just in case
A little of both but not to worry there is a fridge on the RV.
See RVing isn’t so bad after all!

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